Meet the Team


Sarah Van Clef

Founder, Lead Creative Instructor 

Sarah Van Clef  is a poet and memoirist from South Amboy, New Jersey. Her lyrical essays and poems have been featured in the Local Gems NJ Bards Literary Anthology, SoupCan Magazine, Philadelphia Stories, The Monmouth Review, and others. She holds an M.F.A in Creative Writing with a concentration in creative nonfiction from Monmouth University, and is currently the Reviews Editor for Philadelphia Stories, a literary magazine that celebrates artists and writers within the Philly area and surrounding communities. Sarah is also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of English at Monmouth University and Brookdale Community College as well as the Founder of The Social Writerly. When Sarah is not teaching or writing, you can most likely find her walking along the beaches of the Jersey Shore, watching the NY Rangers, or singing in her band, The Cellar Dwellers

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Jaimee D. Cali

Lead Fiction Instructor

Jaimee D. Cali’s lifelong passion is reading and writing. She received her MA in English Literature from Monmouth University. She is an Adjunct Professor of English at Brookdale Community College. Her work has been featured in the Monmouth Review, and her reviews of novels and poetry collections have been published in Philadelphia Stories. When Jaimee isn't reading, writing, or teaching, she enjoys cooking, baking, and crocheting, as well as candle-making.

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Jerry Owens

 Social Media Coordinator 

Jerry Owens is a lifelong reader. His favorite author is Stephen King and his favorite book series is Harry Potter. He holds a BA from Rowan University. At The Social Writerly, he plans, develops, and executes social media content for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok accounts. Jerry is also an avid PC gamer who enjoys titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Deadrop.


Madyson Lagotta 

 Graphic Designer 

Madyson Lagotta is a senior graphic design major at Monmouth University. She currently works at Ten Touch Creative Agency as a multimedia designer. Through Ten Touch, Madyson helps The Social Writerly create a strong brand through digital marketing. She has published work in the Monmouth Review as well as accepted work in Siggraph's SpaceTime International Juried Student Poster Competition. Aside from digital work, Madyson is a fine artist working to promote the use of recycled materials in fine art.