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"Our wonderful instructor, Jaimee, led the class through a lively discussion about the significance of food and recipes in writing. She beautifully intertwined examples in literature with concrete ideas as to how we as writers could incorporate our fondest memories revolving around food during the holiday season in our own writing. It was like a book club and writing group all in one! I loved it and can’t wait to take another class."- Susie 

"Taking the two classes Home for the Holidays: Recipes and Writing and Writing from your Roots have given me the chance to revisit the writer in me and to help bring me back to times in my life that were special and meaningful.  The classes afforded me the opportunity to reflect back on my life and experiences through open discussion, which I loved, and enabled me to find my voice again via pen and the written word.  I truly enjoyed the classes and the instructors Sarah and Jaimee were not only knowledgeable, but created a welcoming and inviting environment to not only learn but to become engaged again in something that once brought me great joy, my writing. Well worth the experience!   Time Very Well Spent!!"-Nancy

"The course was great, inspiring, uplifting, very satisfying, and opened my eyes to a creative outlet that I so needed. Instructor, VanClef was a breath of fresh air, exciting, informative, and nothing like the teachers of yesteryear. Every class was as if we were being entertained while learning. I truly cannot say enough about my experience. It has been a long time since I was in college and Sarah was absolutely terrific."- Christine 

"I love the passion and energy that Jaimee brings to the class and material.  I really enjoyed the joy brought to Horror and Gothic writing. She is very encouraging in discussion and prompts.  Social Writerly as a whole has been a pleasant experience."- Kris 

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