About The Social Writerly

 What is The Social Writerly

The Social Writerly is an educational organization that specializes in supporting creative-minded people in any part of their writing journey through e-learning instruction and community-building initiatives. Our highly skilled team of instructors offer 1:1 writing coaching, group creative writing classes, and community building activities and events, all on a virtual platform. 

Our Story

The creation of The Social Writerly began shortly after the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Sarah was teaching an online creative writing class and Jaimee was one of her students. After supporting each other both creatively and personally in the class, Sarah thought it would be a great idea to create a company that helped artists like Jaimee who had a full-time job, build a creative community and network without leaving their homes. Like her friendship with Jaimee, she knew a creative community was important for any writer, especially ones with busy schedules. Finding peers who support the writing process and finding time to write when having other priorities can sometimes be difficult. The Social Writerly was built to provide a space for creatives in any part of their journey as artists to feel supported, even if their schedules are busy. When starting any new creative project, support is essential and The Social Writerly strives to create a safe space for creatives to not just share work but to grow as artists, and make lifelong friends, too!